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1000m row

50 thrusters @ 45#

30 pullups

First time doing this girl wod. I watched a few other people doing it first and made up my mind that my  goal was to pace myself on the row. I finished the row in about 3:30. I broke up thruster 10-15-10-7-8 or something like that. A 45# bar never felt so heavy. I went 10-10-10 on the pullups. Forearms and grip were completely shot afterwards. Fran-like symptoms.

7:33 RX

Team Wod

Teams of 3 complete the following:

750m row

36 deadlifts at 275#

I was last leg on the rower and had to walk right over to the deadlifts. Its a lot harder to lift when your heart-rate is jacked up but the weight was manageable. I hadn’t deadlifted in a while.



Thrusters (5×2): 95, 135, 155, 175

Ran out of time again. Stupid blitz class. I probably (definitely) need to work faster but I feel better blaming it on the blitz class schedule. Anyways…felt decent. Second rep of 175 was a little shaky. The last 1RM i have on record for thrusters was 155# in early 2011/late 2010.



Two 7min AMRAP:

AMRAP 1: 6 pullups, 8 Australian one ring pullups, 10 Db rows @35# – 5rds RX

AMRAP 2: 6 Deadlifts @275#, 12 Reverse Lunges – 5rds+4 DL RX

I felt pretty good. Amrap 1 basically blows out your arms/pulling muscles and Amrap 2 your legs. I kept a good pace and I think I did comparatively well. I probably couldve finished a sixth round on the DL amrap.

First day of the Burgener Squat Program tomorrow.


2 rds: 10 Wbal sprawls, 5 front squats (2 sec pause), 5 strict press, 10 lunges


8×3: 75#, 95#, 105#, 115#, 115#, 125#, 135#, 135#

It was supposed to be 10×3 but I ran out of time. Wish CFG would make 7:15 a normal hour long class and not a 45 min “blitz” class. We are always rushed whenever there is any lifting. Anyhow, the focus on the thrusters was speed and hip explosion. Weights were supposed to be in the dynamic effort range. I felt good and I think I was getting a lot of pop out of my hips. Wrist/forearm flexibility is an issue on thrusters so I have to grip the bar more than what would be ideal.

Metcon “Tacos con Lengua”:

12 min AMRAP: 8 HSPU, 16 one arm Russian kb swings, 20m broad jump

4rds NOT-RX

HSPUs were a total failure. I really need to find and address the issue with these. I got a feeling its a mixture of shoulder strength, shoulder mobility and positioning on the wall. Really frustrating.

Strangest name for a WOD I can remember in a while. It kind of makes me regret my decision to include the WOD name in my post title. Luckily no one reads this. Tongue Tacos for everyone!

June 14, 2012

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250m run, 1min couch stretch (left), 1min couch stretch (right), 10 fsquats (55#, 5 sec pause at bottom), 10 spiderman lunges

Core Work:

Tabata: 2min – high to low plank, 2min – hollow hold to superman, 2min – ring L sit

I was stoked to hold all the L-sits on the rings although i need to get my legs up higher.


5 rds: 10 thrusters@95, 10 back squats@95, 400m run

18:33 RX

Felt decent. Definitely felt the squats from the day before so more squats are not what the doctored ordered. Did all of the bar movements unbroken. I think the run really slowed me down but I feel like I am slowly improving metcon-wise based on where I was a few weeks ago.