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1 RM Pwr Clean

245# PR

I hit a 5# pr at 245 and I should have hit 255# but I was too slow with my elbows. The pull was not a problem. I ran out of time to attempt it again. I will have to try it again sometime. I am also convinced that I can clean at least 255 or more. I will have to test that theory as well. Ive never tried to max out my clean as Ive always done max efforts on it in conjunction with the jerk and the jerk is a limiting factor.


8:00 DNF

Humiliated by hand stand push ups again. I really need to clamp down and focus on shoulder and upper body strength. I am adding a bench and press portion to the end of all my squat workouts. I also need to “grease the groove” on pushups and hand stand pushups. I have been neglecting all of it because I suck at it and that is a recipe for failure.




Burgener Squat Program Week 6 Day 1

Back Squats 10×3 @ 265 lbs

No problem with the back squats this week as it is kind of a de-load workout dropping from 87% of 1RM last week to 80% this week. I assume this is done in preparation for the front squats this week of 10 set of 3 at 95% which will be the “heaviest” week of front squats for the program if we are looking at total pounds moved. Can’t wait for Friday.


“Strong Women”


10 Power Cleans @185

10 Burpees

12:47 RX

I liked this wod. Simple straightforward and kind of heavy. Pacing again was the key. After the second round I tried to break up my power cleans into sets of 5.


Stretch; 500 m med ball run; 20 air squats; 15 Wallballs; 10 side med ball tosses (each side); 5 Wall ball burpees


Complicated little sucker to explain. Its a “partner wod” but not really. Partner In Name Only. PINO wod.

20 minutes of Every minute on the minute you alternate doing:

(1) 2 Power Cleans + 1 Jerk;  followed by bodyweight movement for the remaining minute (1-5 situps, 6-10 hr pushups, 11-15 air squats, 16-20 burpees)


(2) 2 Rope Climbs (minutes 1-10) OR 6 Deadhang Pull Ups (minutes 11-15)

Rx was 205 but considering my 1RM jerk is 215 I scaled down to 185. Last few reps were pretty tough but I got them all up and had no misses. Im pretty sure I couldve power cleaned 205 for the work out but I am equally sure that I wouldnt have been able to jerk 205 that many times.

I forgot my socks so I was going to skip the rope climbs until Sergio gave me a quick lesson on the “foot” method (as opposed to the wrap around leg method). I got to say I wasnt sure about using it but it is much easier to use than I thought and there is no better way to learn than just doing it. I didnt get all the rope climbs because of time but I was happy to get the ones I did using what Sergio taught me.