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1 RM Pwr Clean

245# PR

I hit a 5# pr at 245 and I should have hit 255# but I was too slow with my elbows. The pull was not a problem. I ran out of time to attempt it again. I will have to try it again sometime. I am also convinced that I can clean at least 255 or more. I will have to test that theory as well. Ive never tried to max out my clean as Ive always done max efforts on it in conjunction with the jerk and the jerk is a limiting factor.


8:00 DNF

Humiliated by hand stand push ups again. I really need to clamp down and focus on shoulder and upper body strength. I am adding a bench and press portion to the end of all my squat workouts. I also need to “grease the groove” on pushups and hand stand pushups. I have been neglecting all of it because I suck at it and that is a recipe for failure.




Burgener Squat Program Week 9 Day 1

Back Squat 10×2 at 310 lbs

Heaviest weight I have had to squat to this point. I felt relatively comfortable. I find that the heavy loads on back squat are a significantly easier to fight through than heavy loads on front squat. A heavy workout on front squat is a war on most reps. It’s still not easy. I just find it much easier to fight through a tough rep on back squat. I think it may be because there are less “technical” cues to worry about for me on the back squat. That being said the second rep was always the most difficult. That may seem obvious but for me the second rep of the sixth set was tougher than the first rep of the tenth set. I think its not so much muscle fatigue. I think I lose a little integrity/position in my core when I do the first rep and it’s almost impossible to reset while under heavy load. I’ve heard Kelley Starrett talk about this before. I guess he was right.

Accessory/Skill Work

GHD Extensions: 4×15

Kipping HSPU: 8, 10, 5, 8, 5

It was only my third time doing kipping HSPUs and I am feeling more and more comfortable with them. Last week I was only able to get 4-5 in a row. I will keep at it. The goals are to be able to hit 21 in a row and then 21-15-9 with minimal rest between sets.


Burgener Squat Program Week 8 Day 2

Front Squats 6×2 at 280 lbs

Tough session. I really had to concentrate on my form to get through this one. There were a few second reps that I really had to fight through. Considering that this workout was done at 98% of my 1RM I have to be happy with the results. No failed reps.

Additional Work:

30 reps of kipping HSPUs

I worked on one of goats.  I trudged through 4-5 reps at a time but considering that I just learned to kip on these and I generally suck at HSPUs I am glad to see some minor progress.


5 different 6 min AMRAP:

1. 6 Power Snatch M115/W75; 12 pullups

2. 10 Burpee Box-Jumps; 3 HSPUs

3. 75m farmers walk M1.5pood kb(x2)/W1pood kb(x2); 12 T2B

4. 75m buddy carry/5 deadlifts M225/W155

5. 60 WBs M20/W14; 60 ring dips

We revisited Friday Night Lights for Steph Pujals a friend and longtime CFG member who is moving to California. It was good to see a lot of familiar faces that I havent been able to work out with in a while for one reason or another. The 5 mini-partner wods were fun. Suzy was my partner and big props to her for carrying my fat ass on the buddy carries. She didnt stop to put me down once. I felt a lot better than yesterday. I had a small protein shake about 20 minutes before wodding so Im going to try that out over the next week and see if that helps.


2 rds: 10 Wbal sprawls, 5 front squats (2 sec pause), 5 strict press, 10 lunges


8×3: 75#, 95#, 105#, 115#, 115#, 125#, 135#, 135#

It was supposed to be 10×3 but I ran out of time. Wish CFG would make 7:15 a normal hour long class and not a 45 min “blitz” class. We are always rushed whenever there is any lifting. Anyhow, the focus on the thrusters was speed and hip explosion. Weights were supposed to be in the dynamic effort range. I felt good and I think I was getting a lot of pop out of my hips. Wrist/forearm flexibility is an issue on thrusters so I have to grip the bar more than what would be ideal.

Metcon “Tacos con Lengua”:

12 min AMRAP: 8 HSPU, 16 one arm Russian kb swings, 20m broad jump

4rds NOT-RX

HSPUs were a total failure. I really need to find and address the issue with these. I got a feeling its a mixture of shoulder strength, shoulder mobility and positioning on the wall. Really frustrating.

Strangest name for a WOD I can remember in a while. It kind of makes me regret my decision to include the WOD name in my post title. Luckily no one reads this. Tongue Tacos for everyone!