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Hatch Squat Program Week 2 Day 1

Back Squat:






Front Squat:





Klokov Press:

75 x 7,10,10,7

Strict Press



Hatch Squat Program Week 1 Day 2


 Back Squat

10 x 225

8 x 240

8 x 260

8 x 275


I am growing a strong dislike for the rep range in the early weeks of this program.


Front Squat

5 x 185

5 x 200

5 x 215

5 x 215


Bench Press

10 x 135

8 x 145

8 x 155

6 x 165

Im going to try and make this a regular weekly thing along with some strict press work and some other presses Ive been reading about.  I’ve been neglecting shoulders/upper body for a few months and it a weak area.


GHD extensions

3 x 8 w/ 35#


So after much debate about what to do for the next few months as far as strength programming I decided to go with the Hatch Squat program. The Hatch program was created by Gayle Hatch who is a legendary figure in U.S. weightlifting and strength training. It is a twelve week program with two days of lifting per week. Back squats and front squats are performed on both days. There is more volume in the Hatch program when compared to the Burgener program I just finished. I decided that when it comes to strength training and squatting I am very much still a novice (early intermediate at best) and what I really need is time under the bar before I start getting too fancy with my training. A 40 pound gain under Burgener is a lot and I want to keep pushing and see how long I can continue these linear gains before I start complicating things.

Hatch Squat Program Week 1 Day 1

Back Squat





Front Squat





I felt a lot better than I thought I would. Everything went up relatively easy.


Burgener Squat Program Week 11 Day 2

Front Squats 10×3 at 255 lbs

No problem. I didnt do any accessory work afterwards because of my neck.

Warm Up

500m row

Focused on technique.


Burgener Squat Program Week 10 Day 2

Front Squats 6×2 at 285 lbs

I am not gonna lie, this was f-in tough. When I started this program 285 was my one-rep max so I am happy to be able to do multiple sets of it for 2 reps. I had my second failed rep of the program on the last rep of the set. I lost my core after the first rep and couldn’t reset. It was disappointing but put in perspective of where I was when I started lessens the blow.

Core Work:

1 min of halos (:30 left, :30 right) w/ 35lb kb

1 min of  weighted sit ups w/ 25lb plate

1min Russian twist w/ 25lb plate

1min halos (:30 left, :30 right) w/ 35lb kb


3 rds:

12 deadlifts @ 155

9 front squats @ 155

20 box jump overs @ 24″

rest 2min b/w rounds

9:13 RX (including rest time)

Fun workout. I love these kind of metcons. Deadlifts and front squats were completed unbroken and I transitioned straight from the deadlift into the front squats. The box over jumps were the toughest part for me and on the third round I had to take two little breaks I should have powered through. I was neck and neck with Mikey Hidalgo and he edged me out by a few second at the end. Osuna did the wod at 5:15 and was witholding his time from me in the hopes that I wouldnt chase it down. I ended up eeking it out by 4 seconds. The 6:15 class was insane and there must have been close to 50 people in there. Crowded yes but there was a great energy in there.


Burgener Squat Program Week 8 Day 2

Front Squats 6×2 at 280 lbs

Tough session. I really had to concentrate on my form to get through this one. There were a few second reps that I really had to fight through. Considering that this workout was done at 98% of my 1RM I have to be happy with the results. No failed reps.

Additional Work:

30 reps of kipping HSPUs

I worked on one of goats.  I trudged through 4-5 reps at a time but considering that I just learned to kip on these and I generally suck at HSPUs I am glad to see some minor progress.