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PR’d by 15 pounds from June of this year. Lost my grip on 455. I think I may have more room as I wasnt exactly fresh.

“Goodby Martha”

We did three partner wods to say goodbye to Martha. JR was my partner:

1. 3rds: 100m farmer’s walk (2pood kb x 2), 25m lunges/25m run – 6:40

2. 6rds: 15 KB Swings (2 pood), 15 burpees, 35 dubs; one partner rests while other completes round.

3. 6rds: 350m row; one partner holds kbs (2pood) in front rack while other rows.




1000m row

50 thrusters @ 45#

30 pullups

First time doing this girl wod. I watched a few other people doing it first and made up my mind that my  goal was to pace myself on the row. I finished the row in about 3:30. I broke up thruster 10-15-10-7-8 or something like that. A 45# bar never felt so heavy. I went 10-10-10 on the pullups. Forearms and grip were completely shot afterwards. Fran-like symptoms.

7:33 RX

Team Wod

Teams of 3 complete the following:

750m row

36 deadlifts at 275#

I was last leg on the rower and had to walk right over to the deadlifts. Its a lot harder to lift when your heart-rate is jacked up but the weight was manageable. I hadn’t deadlifted in a while.

Core Work:

1 min of halos (:30 left, :30 right) w/ 35lb kb

1 min of  weighted sit ups w/ 25lb plate

1min Russian twist w/ 25lb plate

1min halos (:30 left, :30 right) w/ 35lb kb


3 rds:

12 deadlifts @ 155

9 front squats @ 155

20 box jump overs @ 24″

rest 2min b/w rounds

9:13 RX (including rest time)

Fun workout. I love these kind of metcons. Deadlifts and front squats were completed unbroken and I transitioned straight from the deadlift into the front squats. The box over jumps were the toughest part for me and on the third round I had to take two little breaks I should have powered through. I was neck and neck with Mikey Hidalgo and he edged me out by a few second at the end. Osuna did the wod at 5:15 and was witholding his time from me in the hopes that I wouldnt chase it down. I ended up eeking it out by 4 seconds. The 6:15 class was insane and there must have been close to 50 people in there. Crowded yes but there was a great energy in there.

Core Work:

2RDs (30 seconds work, 15 seconds hollow holds, 15 seconds rest) of: v-ups, candlesticks, flutter kicks, pike sit-ups

Warm Up:

10 straight legged kb deadlifts, 5 sonics, 10 iron crosses, 10 scorpions, 10 pushups, 250m run


Partner WOD

3 Rounds of:  90 seconds of DL@245; 90 seconds rest; 90 seconds KB Swings@2pood; 90 seconds rest

I did this wod with Mr. Rick Chavez. After a short deliberation we decided to go RTG (245#, 2 pood) instead of RX (205#, 1.5 pood). Our combined goal for reps was 325. We got 327. Close call.  I started at the kettlebell and my rounds were: 58, 44, 38. On the DL my rounds were 22, 15, 9. It felt a lot heavier then I thought it would.  I need to make sure I keep using my legs on the DL when I get tired.


Thrusters (5×2): 95, 135, 155, 175

Ran out of time again. Stupid blitz class. I probably (definitely) need to work faster but I feel better blaming it on the blitz class schedule. Anyways…felt decent. Second rep of 175 was a little shaky. The last 1RM i have on record for thrusters was 155# in early 2011/late 2010.



Two 7min AMRAP:

AMRAP 1: 6 pullups, 8 Australian one ring pullups, 10 Db rows @35# – 5rds RX

AMRAP 2: 6 Deadlifts @275#, 12 Reverse Lunges – 5rds+4 DL RX

I felt pretty good. Amrap 1 basically blows out your arms/pulling muscles and Amrap 2 your legs. I kept a good pace and I think I did comparatively well. I probably couldve finished a sixth round on the DL amrap.

First day of the Burgener Squat Program tomorrow.


5 different 6 min AMRAP:

1. 6 Power Snatch M115/W75; 12 pullups

2. 10 Burpee Box-Jumps; 3 HSPUs

3. 75m farmers walk M1.5pood kb(x2)/W1pood kb(x2); 12 T2B

4. 75m buddy carry/5 deadlifts M225/W155

5. 60 WBs M20/W14; 60 ring dips

We revisited Friday Night Lights for Steph Pujals a friend and longtime CFG member who is moving to California. It was good to see a lot of familiar faces that I havent been able to work out with in a while for one reason or another. The 5 mini-partner wods were fun. Suzy was my partner and big props to her for carrying my fat ass on the buddy carries. She didnt stop to put me down once. I felt a lot better than yesterday. I had a small protein shake about 20 minutes before wodding so Im going to try that out over the next week and see if that helps.

Crossfit Total

1RM of Deadlift + Back Squat + Strict Press (3 attempts at each)

Deadlift – 415, 435 (PR), 450 (PR)

Back Squat – 255, 305, 325(f)

Press – 135, 155(PR),  165(f)

450+305+155= CF Total Score of 910

First time doing CF total.It’s a lot of fun. 3 lifts 3 attempts. Go big and go for some PRs. I was able to up my Deadlift PR by 25 pounds and I felt pretty good. I think I had a little bit more in the tank. I was glad to hit one of my annual goals by lifting 450. Next up is the big 500 but I got a feeling that’s going to take a while. Interesting to note that I had not been deadlifting heavy for at least a month. I think gains can be made in my deadlift through squats and cleans and not necessarily deadlifting heavy every week.

Back squat was disappointing. I tied my previous PR of 305 but considering that I did 300×5 a couple weeks ago and did 295×5 3 days before this I am disappointed. Im going to attribute it to two things: 1) the fact that I squatted  on Wednesday after two weeks off from squatting and followed it up with 50 reps of back squats and 50 reps of thrusters on Thursday (albeit at 95#). My legs were very sore on Friday and Saturday; 2) I went too light on my first attempt. I went for something I knew I would have no problem getting. I think I should’ve gone at or near my PR. I got stuck in the middle on 325. Oh well.

I  knew the Strict Press would be my weak point of the three and it turned out to be. I think I hit a PR at 155 but I put that down to my lack of strict pressing more than any strength gains in pressing. I need to concentrate a little more in increasing my pressing/shoulder strength. I think its my weak link relative to my other lifts.

I set a mental goal of 1000 for this in the next 6-12 months.

Snatch Work:

We spent about an hour and a half working on our snatch. We worked some full snatch at 70-80% that we videotaped. Then we slowly worked through some progressions from the “top down”. A lot of concentration on hitting the power position and speed in our turnover. The main takeaway for me personally was that my main problems come in the final third of the movement. I was hitting the power position but I am too slow getting under the bar after my third pull. My feet are hitting the ground before I’m under the bar and I am catching the bar with my elbows slightly bent. Brad also noticed that my knees were forward in my squat. It  was a great learning experience and I hope to work on the progressions we learned and videotape more snatches (zing!) so I can work on an admittedly weak lift.