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Core Work:

1 min of halos (:30 left, :30 right) w/ 35lb kb

1 min of  weighted sit ups w/ 25lb plate

1min Russian twist w/ 25lb plate

1min halos (:30 left, :30 right) w/ 35lb kb


3 rds:

12 deadlifts @ 155

9 front squats @ 155

20 box jump overs @ 24″

rest 2min b/w rounds

9:13 RX (including rest time)

Fun workout. I love these kind of metcons. Deadlifts and front squats were completed unbroken and I transitioned straight from the deadlift into the front squats. The box over jumps were the toughest part for me and on the third round I had to take two little breaks I should have powered through. I was neck and neck with Mikey Hidalgo and he edged me out by a few second at the end. Osuna did the wod at 5:15 and was witholding his time from me in the hopes that I wouldnt chase it down. I ended up eeking it out by 4 seconds. The 6:15 class was insane and there must have been close to 50 people in there. Crowded yes but there was a great energy in there.



Burgener Squat Program Week 9 Day 1

Back Squat 10×2 at 310 lbs

Heaviest weight I have had to squat to this point. I felt relatively comfortable. I find that the heavy loads on back squat are a significantly easier to fight through than heavy loads on front squat. A heavy workout on front squat is a war on most reps. It’s still not easy. I just find it much easier to fight through a tough rep on back squat. I think it may be because there are less “technical” cues to worry about for me on the back squat. That being said the second rep was always the most difficult. That may seem obvious but for me the second rep of the sixth set was tougher than the first rep of the tenth set. I think its not so much muscle fatigue. I think I lose a little integrity/position in my core when I do the first rep and it’s almost impossible to reset while under heavy load. I’ve heard Kelley Starrett talk about this before. I guess he was right.

Accessory/Skill Work

GHD Extensions: 4×15

Kipping HSPU: 8, 10, 5, 8, 5

It was only my third time doing kipping HSPUs and I am feeling more and more comfortable with them. Last week I was only able to get 4-5 in a row. I will keep at it. The goals are to be able to hit 21 in a row and then 21-15-9 with minimal rest between sets.

August 2, 2012 – “Vollmer”

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Core Work:

4 rds of :20 on :10 of at each movement

Plank Rocks

Bicycle Kicks

Hollow Rocks

Flutter Kicks


12 min AMRAP:

7 pullups/7ring dips

100m run

40 double unders

4rds RX

Felt pretty good. I did most of the pullups strict except the last couple of the last two rounds. Dubs were much improved and I hit the last two rounds unbroken.


“Only a fool humbles himself when the world is so full of men eager to do that job for him.” – Theon Greyjoy


Burgener Squat Program Week 4 Day 1

Back Squat 10×3 @ 280 pounds

I felt great. I had some trepidation heading into this one but it went very smooth. It was the first time Ive used a weight belt in one of these workouts and I liked it. I felt a little more solid with it on. I was trying to key on initiating with my butt and keeping a good angle with my lower legs. All in all a good squatting session.

Accessory Work:

3×10 GHD raises with 15#

4×15 Shoulder Press with two 35# dumbells

3×10 GHD situps with 15#

50 Dubs

Strength Work:

Back Squat 1RM –

warmup (135×5, 225×5, 2 sec pause)




I was really happy to hit some PRs back squatting after being stuck at 305 during CF Total only 5 days ago. I knew I had more in the tank. 315 and 325 went up relatively smoothly. 335 was slow and I had to fight through that hole in the middle pretty hard. A primal scream was involved. Very satisfied to see hard work payoff with a 30# PR (305# on 12/1/11). The bar doesn’t lie. The only downside of this is that now the weights for the squat program went up a bit.

Warm Up:

250m run, 10 spiderman lunges, 10 groiners, 10 shoulder taps, 10 push ups,

L then R of: 5 db snatches, 5 db clean & jerks, 5 reverse lunges, 5 db rows, 5 goblet squats, 250m run

Core Work:

5rds: 3o second front rack hold w/ 2 1.5 pood kb


3rds: 7 bear complex, 20 pullups

15:15 @115

From the high of hitting a big PR to the low of a horrible metcon. I felt like the walking dead about 1 min into this. I was just gassed way to easily. In all honesty I was tired going into the wod already. I just didnt feel like myself I dont know why this keeps happening but its becoming a worry. The only thing I can speculate is that maybe its diet, rest, and recovery and I need to reevaluate how I am approaching these areas.


400m run, 1 min wall squat stretch, 1 min couch stretch each leg

Core Work:

5 rds: 30 seconds at each movement of: v-ups, superman hold, toe touches, db bent over row (5reps each arm)

Metcon “Para los Papis”:

Three 5 min AMRAPs:

1) 10 Wall Balls, 10 Reverse Lunges

2) 6 T2B, 10 Box Jumps

3) 10 G2O dumbells @35, 10 Hand release Pushups

12.25 rds RX (4+10, 4+10, 3+5)

I felt pretty good on the first two. I tired on the T2B towards the end of round 2 but that’s about par for the course for me. I was kind of gassed on round 3 and G2O’s were the toughest movement overall. I should remember to just treat them as kettle bell swings. That was the most efficient way for me to get through. I think for the first 5 or so I was trying to do some kind of power snatch and it just want as efficient.

Squat Program:

After reviewing a few programs I’ve decided to try out the Bergener Squat program. It will definitely be more squatting that I had been doing but the volume is quite less then the Hatch program I was looking at and the insane amount of work in the Smolov program. The other thing that attracted me about it is  two day a week structure of the program. It has a Back Squat day and a Front Squat day every week and normally follows a 10×3 protocol. It should allow me to continue my schedule as far as metcons and ultimate goes. I will begin next week. I am going to try and hit a one rep max on my back squat this week so I have a number to base the program off of. Im still convinced after CF Total on Sunday that I can improve on 305.

June 14, 2012

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250m run, 1min couch stretch (left), 1min couch stretch (right), 10 fsquats (55#, 5 sec pause at bottom), 10 spiderman lunges

Core Work:

Tabata: 2min – high to low plank, 2min – hollow hold to superman, 2min – ring L sit

I was stoked to hold all the L-sits on the rings although i need to get my legs up higher.


5 rds: 10 thrusters@95, 10 back squats@95, 400m run

18:33 RX

Felt decent. Definitely felt the squats from the day before so more squats are not what the doctored ordered. Did all of the bar movements unbroken. I think the run really slowed me down but I feel like I am slowly improving metcon-wise based on where I was a few weeks ago.