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Hatch Squat Program Week 2 Day 1

Back Squat:






Front Squat:





Klokov Press:

75 x 7,10,10,7

Strict Press



Hatch Squat Program Week 1 Day 2


 Back Squat

10 x 225

8 x 240

8 x 260

8 x 275


I am growing a strong dislike for the rep range in the early weeks of this program.


Front Squat

5 x 185

5 x 200

5 x 215

5 x 215


Bench Press

10 x 135

8 x 145

8 x 155

6 x 165

Im going to try and make this a regular weekly thing along with some strict press work and some other presses Ive been reading about.  I’ve been neglecting shoulders/upper body for a few months and it a weak area.


GHD extensions

3 x 8 w/ 35#


So after much debate about what to do for the next few months as far as strength programming I decided to go with the Hatch Squat program. The Hatch program was created by Gayle Hatch who is a legendary figure in U.S. weightlifting and strength training. It is a twelve week program with two days of lifting per week. Back squats and front squats are performed on both days. There is more volume in the Hatch program when compared to the Burgener program I just finished. I decided that when it comes to strength training and squatting I am very much still a novice (early intermediate at best) and what I really need is time under the bar before I start getting too fancy with my training. A 40 pound gain under Burgener is a lot and I want to keep pushing and see how long I can continue these linear gains before I start complicating things.

Hatch Squat Program Week 1 Day 1

Back Squat





Front Squat





I felt a lot better than I thought I would. Everything went up relatively easy.

Back Squat






405 walkout



CFG was retesting so I figured why the hell not. Hugo was a huge help in getting me focused. New PR. Definitely some primal screaming on the lift but it went up smoother than my previous PR.


“Wrath of Achilles”

14 min EMOM

30 Dubs (odd minutes)

15 Pullups (even minutes)

Dubs were brutal and I figured out afterwards that Ive been using somebody elses rope and it’s about a foot too short for me. That would explain some things. I got caught on 3 rds and they were all dub rds.

September 21, 2012 – Back Squat

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500 m row


I tried to establish a new 1RM back squat







My old 1RM was 335. My first PR attempt at 350 went up easy. I was a little slow on 360 but it went up. I struggled on 370 but got it up after a fight. I put on asterisk on it since Hugo who was spotting me gave me a slight touch on my descent when he thought my chest was coming to far forward. He provided no assistance on the way up but I guess it would be a no lift at a meet. Im fairly comfortable I would be able that 370 is my new max though.  So I am pretty happy with a 35# PR after 12 weeks. 400# here I come!


1000m row


Burgener Squat Program Week 12 Day 1

Back Squats 10×2 at 290 lbs

Second to last day of the program! Felt real good. No problem with weight. One helpful thing I noted was to squeeze my upper back muscles to create the shelf to rest the bar on. I feel like it helps my form and makes the bar feel less uncomfortable. I ran out of time to do accessory work.


Burgener Squat Program Week 11 Day 1

Back Squats 6×1 at 320 lbs

This was surprisingly easy. I took 4 days off for labor day weekend. Unfortunately (or fortunately) these rest days coincided with a minor sinus cold. Its pretty much gone now but there are still some traces of it. I felt great getting the weight up and Im sure the solid block of rest days did my legs a lot of good even though my diet was pretty crappy. I was glad to get back at it.

Metcon/Skill Work:

4 x 30 Dubs

2 x 500m row – emphasis on technique