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October 17, 2012 – Oly Class

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5×3 Cleans from blocks @ 155

4×3 Clean pulls @ 205

4×3 Straight Legged Deadlift @ 225


October 10, 2012 – Oly Class

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First Oly Class Ive been to. It was the end of their 4 week cycle so they were in a de-load phase which was unfortunate but good time to concentrate on technique.


3×5 Speed Back Squats @40% (145#)

3X3 Box Jumps

5×1 Snatch @ 60% (75#)

5×1 C+J @ 60% (135#)

September 23, 2012 – Practice

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Practice at Coral Gables. Last practice before Regionals. I still didn’t feel right. Played like shit and was pretty gassed from the beginning.

Core Wod:

3 rds:

1:00 Low Plank Holds

:30 rest

1:00 Hollow Rocks

:30 rest



Front Squats @ 135#

Box Jumps


12:53 RX

Felt good on FS and Box Jumps but wasted entirely too much time on Burpees.


Burgener Squat Program Week 9 Day 2

Front Squats 10×3 at 245lbs

I was commenting to Suzy that over a year ago 245 was my 1 rep max on front squats. I gotta be a little bit happy with my progress when I do the same weight for 10 sets of three and it is an “easy” day in my program. I think sometimes we lose sight of how far we have come and only focus on our recent progress or lack thereof. Its hard to pull back and look big picture sometimes and see the long term progress. Anyhow the session was straightforward and relatively easy. I tried to minimize rest to 1:30.

August 5, 2012 – Practice

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11 am practice session. We did a few drills and played two games to 7. Felt ok.


Burgener Squat Program Week 6 Day 2

Front Squats 10×3 @ 270 lbs

A hell of a workout to mark the halfway point on the program. Easily the hardest day so far but I managed to complete it with no failed reps. I had to dig real deep on the last few sets but I was happy that I was able to complete everything after last week’s missed rep at the end of the workout.