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PR’d by 15 pounds from June of this year. Lost my grip on 455. I think I may have more room as I wasnt exactly fresh.

“Goodby Martha”

We did three partner wods to say goodbye to Martha. JR was my partner:

1. 3rds: 100m farmer’s walk (2pood kb x 2), 25m lunges/25m run – 6:40

2. 6rds: 15 KB Swings (2 pood), 15 burpees, 35 dubs; one partner rests while other completes round.

3. 6rds: 350m row; one partner holds kbs (2pood) in front rack while other rows.


Hatch Squat Program Week 2 Day 1

Back Squat:






Front Squat:





Klokov Press:

75 x 7,10,10,7

Strict Press


1 RM Pwr Clean

245# PR

I hit a 5# pr at 245 and I should have hit 255# but I was too slow with my elbows. The pull was not a problem. I ran out of time to attempt it again. I will have to try it again sometime. I am also convinced that I can clean at least 255 or more. I will have to test that theory as well. Ive never tried to max out my clean as Ive always done max efforts on it in conjunction with the jerk and the jerk is a limiting factor.


8:00 DNF

Humiliated by hand stand push ups again. I really need to clamp down and focus on shoulder and upper body strength. I am adding a bench and press portion to the end of all my squat workouts. I also need to “grease the groove” on pushups and hand stand pushups. I have been neglecting all of it because I suck at it and that is a recipe for failure.


Hatch Squat Program Week 1 Day 2


 Back Squat

10 x 225

8 x 240

8 x 260

8 x 275


I am growing a strong dislike for the rep range in the early weeks of this program.


Front Squat

5 x 185

5 x 200

5 x 215

5 x 215


Bench Press

10 x 135

8 x 145

8 x 155

6 x 165

Im going to try and make this a regular weekly thing along with some strict press work and some other presses Ive been reading about.  I’ve been neglecting shoulders/upper body for a few months and it a weak area.


GHD extensions

3 x 8 w/ 35#


So after much debate about what to do for the next few months as far as strength programming I decided to go with the Hatch Squat program. The Hatch program was created by Gayle Hatch who is a legendary figure in U.S. weightlifting and strength training. It is a twelve week program with two days of lifting per week. Back squats and front squats are performed on both days. There is more volume in the Hatch program when compared to the Burgener program I just finished. I decided that when it comes to strength training and squatting I am very much still a novice (early intermediate at best) and what I really need is time under the bar before I start getting too fancy with my training. A 40 pound gain under Burgener is a lot and I want to keep pushing and see how long I can continue these linear gains before I start complicating things.

Hatch Squat Program Week 1 Day 1

Back Squat





Front Squat





I felt a lot better than I thought I would. Everything went up relatively easy.

Oly Work:

We were trying to establish a 1RM on our snatch and clean & jerk. I was all over the place. Not a good day. I need a lot of work on my technique for both the snatch and the jerk. Tied my snatch PR at a pathetic 125# and was 10# under my c+j PR at 205. Ive decided to make attending Jess’s oly classes a regular thing I need the help.

Metcon: “Ticking Away”

7 min AMRAP:

:30 High Plank Hold

100m run

7 vertical jumps

100m run

3rds + :30 hold, 100m run, 5 jumps

Back Squat






405 walkout



CFG was retesting so I figured why the hell not. Hugo was a huge help in getting me focused. New PR. Definitely some primal screaming on the lift but it went up smoother than my previous PR.


“Wrath of Achilles”

14 min EMOM

30 Dubs (odd minutes)

15 Pullups (even minutes)

Dubs were brutal and I figured out afterwards that Ive been using somebody elses rope and it’s about a foot too short for me. That would explain some things. I got caught on 3 rds and they were all dub rds.