October 19, 2012 – “Wod Your Boobs Off”

Posted: October 22, 2012 in Metcon

We had a tournament single-elimination bracket competition at CFG to raise money for breast cancer awareness. I got lucky and drew a first round bye. I squeaked by in my round of 32 matchup and lost in the Sweet 16 to Asis whose butterfly chest to bar pullups demolished my slow ass kip. Overall a fun time and a nice change of pace.

Round of 32 – 2:00 Amrap of burpee box jumps – 30

My judge told me in 30 for time not a 2:00 min amrap. The last 5 were extremely tough and my quads were not responding at all. Luckily stopping at 30 didn’t hurt me because the guy I went against finished with 28.

Sweet 16 – 3 rds: 5 push press @135, 10 C2B pullups

I had about 3-5 pullups to finish before time expired at 2:00. The pullups were the limiting factor.


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