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September 21, 2012 – Back Squat

Posted: September 24, 2012 in Strength Work
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500 m row


I tried to establish a new 1RM back squat







My old 1RM was 335. My first PR attempt at 350 went up easy. I was a little slow on 360 but it went up. I struggled on 370 but got it up after a fight. I put on asterisk on it since Hugo who was spotting me gave me a slight touch on my descent when he thought my chest was coming to far forward. He provided no assistance on the way up but I guess it would be a no lift at a meet. Im fairly comfortable I would be able that 370 is my new max though.  So I am pretty happy with a 35# PR after 12 weeks. 400# here I come!


1000m row


September 19, 2012 – Practice

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I felt like crap and played like crap. Zero energy and our team got trounced. Worst practice of the season.

September 18, 2012 – Ultimo Guerrero

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1000m run

20 Pwr Snatch @95

20 C2B Pullups

100 dubs

20 Pwr Snatch @95

20 C2B Pullups


23:05 I only did 50 dubs. I tried to take this very easy as an active recovery kind of day but it did not workout so well. It was kind of funny to have the coaches yelling at me to pick up the bar while Im trying to pace myself and take it easy. Oh well. I was definitely stiff and slow from the tournament. The run and the dubs were by far the worse.

I had a weekend full of ultimate and all I can say is that winning is fun. We went 5-1 on the weekend. Our only loss came in the finals. I feel I played pretty well and I felt pretty good physically. I was still pretty beat up physically after the weekend but I think that is going to happen no matter what if your play as many games as we do in a weekend. Its a different type of wear and tear. We will be playing in the Southeast Regionals in Orlando on September 29-30.


Burgener Squat Program Week 12 Day 2

The program called for:

Front Squats 3×1 at 295 lbs

By I decided just to go for a 1RM Front Squat. This is what I did:

135×5, 225×3, 295, 305, 315(f), 315(f), 310, 315(f), 315(f)

295 and 305 went up easy. I had some problems with 315 and dropped down to 310 and got it right away. I went back up to 315 but I just couldnt get it. I was generally a little tired going into this and I’m pretty sure I can hit it on another day. Going into these attempts 305 was the minimum I would’ve been happy with 315 was the goal and I dreamed of 320+. I am satisfied with 310 but I want more. Still a 25 pound PR is nothing to shake my head at. I shut it down after  the Front Squats to rest up for this weekend. Next week I’ll try for my Back Squat 1RM maybe also check on my Deadlift and maybe try the Front Squat again.

September 12, 2012 – Practice

Posted: September 14, 2012 in Ultimate


We had our last practice before Sectional. It was incredibly windy and we got a lot of good zone work in. We will see how things go this weekend but I have to say I am somewhat underwhelmed by the attendance at practice.  I had a semi-frustrating night. Decision-making and execution on throw could be better and my energy level were kind of low. I think it can go either way this weekend.


Burgener Squat Program Week 12 Day 1

Back Squats 10×2 at 290 lbs

Second to last day of the program! Felt real good. No problem with weight. One helpful thing I noted was to squeeze my upper back muscles to create the shelf to rest the bar on. I feel like it helps my form and makes the bar feel less uncomfortable. I ran out of time to do accessory work.