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August 29, 2012 – Practice

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We skipped the drills and went straight into a scrimmage. No men subs on our team. We played the first game to 13. After trading back and forth to 9-9 we clamped down on D and took it 13-9. We took a small break and then played a mini game which ended up 3-2 also in our favor.  I haven’t played that much in a while. 29 points in 90 minutes is plenty. I was moving around pretty well but I definitely felt it towards the end.  I was exhausted. Woke up in the middle of the night with a calf cramp. Not a fun way to wake up.



Burgener Squat Program Week 10 Day 2

Back Squat 10×3 @ 280 lbs

My form felt a little sloppy today. I didnt feel like I got in my groove and I kept on playing with the bar position on my back. All reps were completed no real problems.

Accessory Work:

Bent Over Rows w/ 95# bar: 15,12,12,10

Farmers Walk w/ two 72# kettlebells: 50m x 4




1000m row

50 thrusters @ 45#

30 pullups

First time doing this girl wod. I watched a few other people doing it first and made up my mind that my  goal was to pace myself on the row. I finished the row in about 3:30. I broke up thruster 10-15-10-7-8 or something like that. A 45# bar never felt so heavy. I went 10-10-10 on the pullups. Forearms and grip were completely shot afterwards. Fran-like symptoms.

7:33 RX

Team Wod

Teams of 3 complete the following:

750m row

36 deadlifts at 275#

I was last leg on the rower and had to walk right over to the deadlifts. Its a lot harder to lift when your heart-rate is jacked up but the weight was manageable. I hadn’t deadlifted in a while.


Burgener Squat Program Week 9 Day 2

Front Squats 10×3 at 245lbs

I was commenting to Suzy that over a year ago 245 was my 1 rep max on front squats. I gotta be a little bit happy with my progress when I do the same weight for 10 sets of three and it is an “easy” day in my program. I think sometimes we lose sight of how far we have come and only focus on our recent progress or lack thereof. Its hard to pull back and look big picture sometimes and see the long term progress. Anyhow the session was straightforward and relatively easy. I tried to minimize rest to 1:30.

Core Work:

1 min of halos (:30 left, :30 right) w/ 35lb kb

1 min of  weighted sit ups w/ 25lb plate

1min Russian twist w/ 25lb plate

1min halos (:30 left, :30 right) w/ 35lb kb


3 rds:

12 deadlifts @ 155

9 front squats @ 155

20 box jump overs @ 24″

rest 2min b/w rounds

9:13 RX (including rest time)

Fun workout. I love these kind of metcons. Deadlifts and front squats were completed unbroken and I transitioned straight from the deadlift into the front squats. The box over jumps were the toughest part for me and on the third round I had to take two little breaks I should have powered through. I was neck and neck with Mikey Hidalgo and he edged me out by a few second at the end. Osuna did the wod at 5:15 and was witholding his time from me in the hopes that I wouldnt chase it down. I ended up eeking it out by 4 seconds. The 6:15 class was insane and there must have been close to 50 people in there. Crowded yes but there was a great energy in there.

August 22, 2012 – Practice

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We did an offense-defense huck drill and then scrimmaged a team made up mostly of UM players.  We won pretty comfortably and used the new zone we have been working on with some success.


Burgener Squat Program Week 9 Day 1

Back Squat 10×2 at 310 lbs

Heaviest weight I have had to squat to this point. I felt relatively comfortable. I find that the heavy loads on back squat are a significantly easier to fight through than heavy loads on front squat. A heavy workout on front squat is a war on most reps. It’s still not easy. I just find it much easier to fight through a tough rep on back squat. I think it may be because there are less “technical” cues to worry about for me on the back squat. That being said the second rep was always the most difficult. That may seem obvious but for me the second rep of the sixth set was tougher than the first rep of the tenth set. I think its not so much muscle fatigue. I think I lose a little integrity/position in my core when I do the first rep and it’s almost impossible to reset while under heavy load. I’ve heard Kelley Starrett talk about this before. I guess he was right.

Accessory/Skill Work

GHD Extensions: 4×15

Kipping HSPU: 8, 10, 5, 8, 5

It was only my third time doing kipping HSPUs and I am feeling more and more comfortable with them. Last week I was only able to get 4-5 in a row. I will keep at it. The goals are to be able to hit 21 in a row and then 21-15-9 with minimal rest between sets.