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Warm Up

2rds: 5 Dead Hang Pullups, 10 Pushups, 15 Air Squats

Core Work:

1 min High Plank Hold (left hand/right foot)

2 min Sit Ups

1 min High Plank Hold (right hand/left foot)

2 min toe touches

1 min Superman hold



Wall Balls 20#

Pull Ups

Thrusters 95#

Box Jumps 24in

KBS 55#

17:10 RX



Burgener Squat Program Week 5 Day 2

Front Squats 10×3 @ 260 lbs

It went well until the final two sets. Set 9 was tough but I got all three reps in. On the tenth and final set I dropped the bar on the 3rd and final rep of the whole workout. It was tough but not that tough that I should have dropped it. I need to concentrate on what Im doing even more when I get tired and get into those last few reps of those last few sets. I was too busy thinking about powering through and not thinking enough about breathing, form, execution, etc…

I top out at 270 on the Front Squats next week so I better get my mind (and body) right.

“Sometimes when you bring the thunder you get lost in the storm.” – KP

Oly Work

Jerks (the “Bad”):








Hitting a Jerk at 225# is quickly turning into my white whale. Brian and Jess observed that the main problem was that Im catching the bar with my elbows bent and that I could get under the bar a little more on my split. I’ll keep plugging away at it as now its getting personal and I will keep trying every week till I get it.

Skill Work

Kipping HSPU (the Good)

I hadnt really tried it before and once Jesenia showed me a few pointers it was easy to pick up. Much easier than strict. Go figure. I need to pick up the pace on them but I think that will come with practice.


“Never Too Old” (the Fugly)

5 rds: 50 dubs, Max HSPU, 15 KBS

20:XX RX. Sucked it up on the double unders. Sergio had me alter my jumping motion to be more economical with my movement. It felt great early on but fell apart as I got into the later rounds. Shitty. I did the KBS at 2 pood for the first 2 rds then switched to 1.5 as my back tightened up. I was the last (or second to last) one on the floor completing the wod and had a few friends pushing me to finish and counting reps. Its been a while since that happened and it was a not so nice reminder to stay humble. In the words of Alfred Pennyworth: “Why do we fall Master Wayne? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.”


Burgener Squat Program Week 5 Day 1

Back Squat 10×3 @ 290lbs

I felt pretty good again. I had to dig a little deeper on the last rep of the last few sets but it was manageable. Hugo suggested that I cut my rest time even shorter to 90 seconds and I tried it out the last few sets. I think I will adopt this from now on. Back squats deload next week but the Front Squats should be a kick in the nuts for the next two weeks as it stays with the 10×3 rep scheme but at 92% and 95% of 1RM.

Accessory Work

 4×15 DB Shoulder Press 35# DBs

4×10 GHD raises w/ 20#

4×5 Ring pullups (strict muscle up progression style)

3×10 GHD situps



2 rounds

10 groiners

10 goblet squats 1.5 pd kb

150m shuttle run

:30 plank hold

10 kb hang cleans (5L/5R)


Partner wod:

Three 5 min AMRAP of: 1) man on fire burpees 2) rowing 3) front squats @225#

One partner rests while the other works. Im not sure what the “team” score was but I did around 35-40 burpees, rowed about 900m, and did about 8 reps at 225. The front squats felt crazy heavy after gassing out on the row and ending on FS probably wasnt the ideal rotation. It also didnt help that by the time I got to the bar it looked like I had jumped into a pool in the middle of the wod. The conditions were swampy to say the least. The bar slipped of my shoulders twice because they were too damn sweaty.


Burgener Squat Program Week 4 Day 2

Front Squats 10×3 @ 255#

I felt good but this was still the toughest session yet.


“Darkest Knight”

3rds: 20 KB OHS, 10 box jumps 30in, 20 T2B

rest 1 min b/w rds

We were told that this was “not for time” but I finished around 12:xx including rest time.

July 19, 2012 – Jerk Werk

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Strength Work:

135 x3







Came in to work on my jerk since it is one of my weak points. I felt fine until I tried to PR at 225. I think I know what the problem is I just have to figure out how to fix it. My the bar coming off my dip and drive is travelling too far forward instead of in a direct vertical line. I believe its because my hip drive is off and is directing the bar forward. Also a video of a lift at 205 shows that I am not fully opening the hip up when I drive. More work to do.

Metcon “Cool Down”

Sergio talked me into doing a mile run so I did it.  Felt fine and cruised through it.